BFA Thesis Spring 2018

This is the final term of my BFA.  It took a rather dramatic turn.  I lost interest in my original idea due to the accusations of appropriation.  So I moved on to something I was a little more familiar with: Identity.  I wanted to capture the idea of loneliness due to a feeling of not belonging.  So I used my idea for the last section of my thesis (Furries) and continued forward.  I choose a Maned Wolf to represent my character.  She is a species that is not a wolf but not a fox.  She is her own animal but stuck in between them both.  Same with her eyes, two colours that are polar opposites but neither are dominant.  The compositions are another give away as well.  I use compositions that are typical for a photographer that you might not see with a painter.  There are many more ideas that could play into this idea of having an identity that is stuck in the middle of two poles but the rest is for the audience to speculate on.  This will also be added to as I work on the project.

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