Artist Statement

Aqueous mediums are unpredictable, they take on a life of their own when used to create large works.  As an artist, I attempt to use this wild nature to my benefit to create illustrations that are loosely based on the natural beauty around us.  I heavily reference animals in my work as well as pagan traditions; these two subjects have a beautiful relationship that is only enhanced by using aqueous mediums.   While not every piece may have a direct correlation to these two ideals, the concept is a reference to one or the other. A subject, while broad, may have origins with some pagan traditions.  My choice with water mediums even focuses on the more naturalistic side of painting mediums, even venturing to make my own paints from natural materials. While working in primarily watercolour, I have and will continue to branch out with different mediums and focus on how they can best be used with my style.  I have worked with various things from inks to resin to clay, so while I am the most confident with my water medium works, I have been known to work in 3D mediums as well.