About The Artist

I’m a Graduate from Western Oregon University with a Bachelor of Fine arts with a focus in illustration and aqueous mediums.  I grew up in a fairly small town in southern Oregon and after graduation moved to attend Western Oregon University.  While growing up in a small rural town had its difficulties I never let that stop me from pursuing my passion for art.

For most of my college career I have worked in the healthcare field, and even though it was difficult at the beginning, I found avenues to add my creativity into the work I did with the people I supported.  One such task was helping a young child develop hand-eye coordination and dexterity through the use of painting their favourite characters.  Simple exercises were made exciting through the use of characters that he looked up to.  Reading and writing also took on an exciting twist with the use of colour and spelling out things that interested them then colouring pictures of their representation.  Doing colour related activities helped with an understanding of the world around them as well.  What started as simple activities has helped a young boy achieve more in the past couple of years than what was thought possible.

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